NMC Olympiad 2021/2022 Biology Round 2 Past Question

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This is the “NMC Olympiad 2021/2022 Biology Round 2 Past Question”

Looking for Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad past questions in PDF format?

If you’re gearing up for Olympiad exams and unsure about the right study materials, look no further. We present to you the Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad past questions in PDF. It’s essential to emphasize that these exams serve as a comprehensive assessment of students’ knowledge, driving them towards academic excellence. The exciting news is that you can now access and download past questions to prepare for your exams without hefty expenses or leaving the comfort of your home.

Olympiad exams encompass a range of competitive tests spanning from Classes 1 to 12, both nationally and internationally, fostering participation among students of similar academic levels.

Preparation is key to success in any examination, and having a copy of the Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad past questions in PDF is indispensable. We’ll elaborate on its content, its tailored structure to meet your needs, and the simplest methods to obtain it.

What Exactly Are Olympiad Past Questions in PDF?

These past questions encapsulate all the queries presented in previous Olympiad exams. Success in these exams hinges on familiarity with past questions; without this insight, achieving success becomes challenging.

We’ve streamlined the past questions to be easily accessible, portable, and affordable, ensuring every student can acquire or download them with just a smartphone.

Testimonials from those who’ve acquired our Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad past questions PDF underscore its efficacy. We’re confident it’ll bolster your preparation, enabling you to outperform your peers.

Upon purchase, the past questions are promptly delivered to your email or via WhatsApp in downloadable softcopy format. You can opt to read them on your Android phone or laptop at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

How Are the Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad Past Questions PDF Patterned?

Typically, the Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad past questions in PDF follow a multiple-choice question pattern. We’ve simplified the process by compiling questions from various years, clearly indicating their respective years of occurrence. Correct answers are provided, facilitating efficient preparation. Dedicate quality time to studying these past questions, and watch your performance exceed expectations in the examination.

Why You Need a Copy of Olympiad Past Questions in PDF Download

Olympiad exams are renowned for their rigorous nature, yet they offer lucrative awards and scholarships upon successful completion. Here’s why obtaining past questions is imperative:

  1. Exposure to previous questions, many of which are repeated annually or rephrased.
  2. Insight into the types of questions to expect, preventing unpleasant surprises.
  3. Quick identification and response to repeated questions.
  4. Knowledge of the number of questions in the exams.

For assurance, we provide samples of the original Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad past questions in PDF format to substantiate our claims.

Olympiad Past Questions in PDF Sample

In other to know that we are giving out the original Nigerian mathematics olympiad past questions pdf, we have decided to give you some free samples as proof of what we said earlier. Jamb Result

Mathematics past questions

  1. If M represents the median and D the mode of the measurements 5, 9, 3, 5, 8 then (M, D) is
  2. (6,5) B. (5,8) C. (5,7)
  3. (5,5) E. (7,5)
  4. A construction company is owned by two partners X and Y and it is agreed that their profit will be divided in

a ratio of 4:5. at the end of the year. Y received #5,000 more than x. what is the total profit of the company for

the year?

  1. #20,000.00 B. P’0#25,000.00 C. #30,000.00
  2. #15,000.003 E.#45,000.00
  3. Given a regular hexagon, calculate each interior angle

of the hexagon.

  1. 600 B. 300 C. 1200
  2. 450 E. 1350
  3. Solve the following equations

4x – 3 = 3x + y = 2y + 5x – 12

  1. 4x=5, y= 2 B. x=2, y=5 C. x=-2, y=-5
  2. x=5,y=-2 E. x=-5,y=-2
  3. If x = 1 is the root of the equation

x3 – 2×2 – 5x + 6, find the other roots

  1. -3and2 B. –2 and2 C. 3and –2
  2. 1and 3 E. –3and 1
  3. If x is jointly proportional to the cube of y and the fourth power of z. In what ratio is x increased or decreased when y is halved and z is doubled?
  4. 4:1 increase B. 2:1increase C. 1:4 decrease
  5. 1: 1 no change E. 3: 4 decrease
  6. In the above figure PQR = 600, QPR= 900, PRS = 900, RPS = 450,QR= 8cm.Determine PS
  7. 2Ö3cm B. 4Ö6cm C. 2Ö6cm
  8. 8Ö6cm E. 8cm
  9. Given that cos z = L, where z is an acute angle find an expression for Co +Z – cosecz sec Z + tan z
  10. l – L B. L2-Ö1-L2 C. -L-Ö1-L

1+L L2+L-1 (C1+L) +Ö1-L2

  1. ÖL-1. E. L-(L2-1)

(L1+L2) +Ö1-L2 1+ Ö1 – L2+ Ö1 – L2

  1. If 0.0000152 x 0.00042 =Ax108,where 1 £A< 10, findAand B.
  2. A= 9, B= 6`.38 B. A= 6.38, B = -9 C. A= 6.38, B = 9
  3. A= 6.38, B = -1 E. A= 6.38, B= 1
  4. If x + 2 and x – 1 are factors of the expressions lx +

2kx2 + 24, find the values of l and k

  1. l=-6,k=-9 B. l=-2,k= 1 C. l=-2,k=-1
  2. l=0,k= 1 E. l=6,k= 0
  3. Make T the subject of the equation

av = 3 2V + T

1- V a 2T

  1. 3av/(1-v) B. 2v(1-v)2 – a2v2/2a2v2 – (1-V)2
  2. 2v(1 – v)2 + a3v2/ 2a2v2 + (1 – v)2
  3. 2v(1 – v)2 – a4v3/2a3v3 – (1 – v)3
  4. 2v(1-v)3 – a4v3/2a3v3 + (1-v)3
  5. In a class of 60 pupils, the statistical distribution of the number of pupils offering Biology, History, French,

Geography and Additional Mathematics are as shown in the pie chart above. How many pupils offer Additional


  1. 15
  2. 10
  3. 18
  4. 12
  5. 28

13 The value of (0.303)3 – (0.02)3 is

  1. 0.019 B. 0.0019 C. 0.00019
  2. 0.000019 E. 0.000035
  3. y varies partly as the square of x and y partly as the inverse of the square root of x. write down the expression for y if y= 2 when x = 1 and y= 6 when x = 4
  4. y = 10×2 + 52 B. y = x2 + 1

31 31Öx Öx

  1. y= x2 + 1 D. y= x2 + 1 E. y = 10 (x2 + 1 )

x 31 31Ö x 31( Öx)

  1. Simplify (x – 7) / (x2 – 9) ( x2 – 3x)/( x2 – 49)
  2. x/(x-3)(x+7) B. (x+3)(x+7)/x C. x/(x-3)(x –7)
  3. x/(x+3)(x+7) E. x/(x+4)(x+7)

Delivery Assurance

Rest assured, we prioritize honesty and integrity in our services. With a track record dating back to 2020, we’ve garnered a reputation for reliability. Customers consistently commend our original past questions and answers sourced directly from reliable channels. Your payment guarantees prompt delivery of the past questions.

8 Tips for Mathematics Olympiad Exam Preparation

  1. Prioritize studying over leisure activities.
  2. Equip yourself with exam preparation materials, including books, dictionaries, and mock exams, alongside past questions.
  3. Enroll in extracurricular classes to reinforce understanding.
  4. Expect challenging questions that require critical thinking.
  5. Ensure sufficient sleep for memory consolidation.
  6. Maintain good health to sustain focus.
  7. Opt for light, nutritious meals during preparation.
  8. Limit social media usage to maximize study time.

Feel free to share these tips with friends and family. Questions or comments? Drop them below, and we’ll gladly assist you in achieving your academic goals.


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