Interswitch Spak solution for 2021 Past Question [ KENYA ]

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Interswitch SPAK National Science Competition is an annual public and private secondary school
search in Nigeria and Kenya reserved for 2nd grade (grade 11) students ages 14-17.
The InterswitchSPAK competition is presented to show the ideal career path and guide students
to their potential and fulfill their dreams (as inventors or entrepreneurs), with a key message to promote
the interests of the students, parents, teachers,
and other key stakeholders in STEM education and its use in Africa.
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This document contains the 2021 solution for 2021 Past Question KENYA

If you are preparing for the 2022 Interswitch SPAK 4.0 National Science Competition. Then you may want to download the Interswitch SPAK past questions and answers.
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What Is The Interswitch SPAK Competition
It is an annual search across high schools in KENYA for only SS 2 students between the ages of 14-17 years.

It is also introduced to chart the ideal career path and drive the student towards full optimization of their potential.

SPAK Objectives
To arouse and sustain a keen interest in the study of STEM in high schools across Africa.
To raise the standard of STEM education. And reward excellence with educational grants through an unbiased competition that would promote sound education in Africa.
To create a vehicle that is genuinely interested in the growth, development, and well-being of African students. And teachers through various interventions including scholarship schemes for outstanding STEM students.
2022 Interswitch SPAK National Science Competition
Registration for the 2021 InterswitchSpak Competition has commenced.

2022 interswitch spak competition

SPAK National Science Competition 2022 is to promote and reward Kenyan science students. While Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition is to promote Kenyan mathematics students.

Finale Grand Prizes For Teachers And Students
1st winner will be given a 5-year scholarship in any Kenyan tertiary institution. A laptop, gold trophy, and monthly stipends for the 5 years, all totaling N7.5million.
2nd winner will be given a 3-year scholarship. A laptop, silver trophy, and monthly stipends for the 3 years, all totaling N4million
3rd winner will receive a 1-year scholarship, a laptop, and a bronze trophy worth ₦1,000,000
TV quiz competition participants will get plagues, certificates of participation. And educational grants amongst other things.

How To Register and Take Part
Visit the official interswitchSPAK website here
Select your country, Nigeria or Kenya
Click on the register now button
Fill out the online registration form with your correct school details
Then click on the submit button and
Wait for a confirmation email message

Your School is required to present the BEST six (6) students in Science (SS2 students) regardless of sex, religion, and tribe.

Mixed schools (boys & girls schools) are required to have at least two female students amongst the six (6) that would represent them.

Every student will participate in the qualifying test at any of the examination centers across Kenya.

The top 81 students will proceed to the competition to battle for the crown of Kenya’s best science student.

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